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Sure, you soak up all the official offerings (aka propaganda) we throw at you, but what about the unfiltered opinions from fans and media following the "Boys in Blue" ... and the rest of the NASL, for that matter? Well click away below to check out coverage from the outside voices ... and give them a Twitter follow while you're at it, won't you?

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Indy Eleven sites

Reddit - r/IndyEleven subreddit (we know it's not a blog, but still ...)
r/IndyEleven Page | @rIndyEleven

Permanent Relegation podcast  
Main Page | Episodes | @PRPodcastShow
Contributors: Andy Baumgartner (@cagedfear), Christopher Ball (@Cballa) & Aaron Gunyon (@AGunyon)

Bloody Shambles Blog & Soccer Show Podcast
Blog & Episodes | @Bloody_Shambles
Contributors: James Cormack (@Bshambles_JC) & Caleb Ramp (@CalebRamp)

The Game Beckons
Contributor: Drew Thompson (@GenWRX6)

Lady Victory & Her Quest for Glory
Contributor: Michael Carney (@Great1Mike)

Target Man Soccer
Contributor: Brian Cook (@SoccerWithBrian)

Brew Wallace
Contributor: Brandon Cockrum (@Brew_Wallace)


NASL Sites

Reddit - r/NASLSoccer subreddit
r/NASL Soccer Page

Last Word on Sports
IndyEleven coverage | NASL coverage | @LastWordOnSport

Midfield Press
Indy Eleven coverage | NASL Coverage | @MidfieldPress

YouTube Channel | @TotalNASLTV

Reckless Challenge / NASL Cast podcast
NASL coverage | @RcklessChllenge | @NASLCast