Coaching Staff

Dr. Rob Bell

Indy Eleven announced the addition of Dr. Rob Bell to the team’s operations staff on April 20, 2017, working in a Team Sport Psychology Consultant role for the 2017 season.
“In athletics, we often talk a great deal about the mental side of performance, but we tend to not spend enough time working on that side,” said Indy Eleven head coach Tim Hankinson. “Dr. [Rob] Bell brings us the expertise we need to help our players and our growing competitive culture. We believe he will help us reach our peak performance.”
Working with the team since the beginning of their preseason in mid-February, Bell brings vast experience with top-level professional athletes to the table. Having spent time with champions on the PGA Tour & ATP Tour, as well as a USTA National Champion and Olympic Medalist, Bell most recently spent time with the University of Notre Dame and continues to serve as a keynote speaker to numerous teams and organizations, including Walgreens, Marriott, Morgan Stanley, and the PGA of America.
“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with the team providing mental toughness training,” said Bell. “Confidence is contagious and it rubs off working with such great ownership, coaches, and players.”
In addition to his comprehensive experience with athletes, Dr. Bell has written five books on Mental Toughness and will continue to assist the team in the area of Mental Training throughout the season. For information on Dr. Bell and his training, visit