By The Numbers - #PRFCvIND

Facts and figures surrounding Indy's Week 3 contest
Published Apr 6, 2017

1) Puerto Rico and Indy have played three times in league play since 2016. There were two draws, with Indy prevailing 3-0 to end the 2016 regular season.

2) Justin Braun scored two goals against Puerto Rico in the team's 3-3 draw last weekend. It was his first ever multi-goal game in regular season NASL action (10 total NASL goals).

3) There have been a total of 16 shots on target (taken and faced) in both Puerto Rico and Indy Eleven games in 2017, tied for the highest total of combined shots of any team in the league.

4) Indy Eleven has scored twice in the first 15 minutes of games this year. The rest of the NASL has combined for two goals in the opening 15 minutes.

5) Indy Eleven has three players averaging at least 64 touches a game in 2017. Puerto Rico FC has only one player who averages more than 58 touches per game.
     -Marco Franco has recorded eight interceptions this season,
      the most in the NASL

  • Indy Eleven has established themselves over the past two seasons as one of the best offensive teams in the NASL. Since the start of last season, they are one of two teams averaging more than 1.3 goals per game (IND - 1.6) played in the regular season (NYC - 1.7).
  • Indy has also proven to be especially deadly on set pieces, where they have scored more goals off of than any other team in the league since the start of last season. It should come as little surprise that the team also leads the league in headed goals over that same time frame (12).
  • What makes Indy so dangerous is that the team never seems to slow down, scoring almost as many goals in the first half of games (26) as they do in the second half (29) since the start of last season. Additionally, 15 of the 55 goals Indy has scored in regular season play over that time frame have come in the final 15 minutes of games, the second-most of any team in the league (NYC - 16).