Zayed pays tribute to Lady Victory

The forward explains the reasoning behind his unique goal celebration on Saturday
Published Jun 14, 2017


When Eamon Zayed scored in Saturday's game against Jacksonville, he busted out an original celebration when heading to the corner flag in the East End. Grabbing the flag with his right hand and pointing to the sky, Zayed then awaited his mob of teammates to come and celebrate his equalizer.

Few picked up on the homage at first glance, but The Game Beckons' Drew Thompson was quick to point out on his Twitter, and Zayed confirmed his move shortly after.

"I actually got the idea from Dr. Rob Bell," said Zayed. "I told him if I scored in the BYB end I'm jumping into the crowd, but if I scored on the opposite end I might do the Lady Victory salute!"

Zayed has been known to join the Brickers after goals at that end, but it appears as if his new move might become a regular one.

"I think I might do that again," he said. 

Has the forward joined the Eleven's #IndyForever movement? Lady Victory would certainly argue, yes.