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By, 05/01/19, 2:15PM EDT


Celebrity lookalikes? Favorite junk foods? Favorite movies? We've got the answers.

Name: Karl W. Ouimette

From: Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

Born: June 1, 1992

Q: Who is your celebrity lookalike?

Karl: “A lot of people tell me my celebrity lookalike is Clark Kent when I have my glasses on.”

Q: Who is the best footballer of all time?

Karl: “I don’t know if he’s the best footballer of all time, but I really like Zinedine Zidane. Great player, obviously, technically and tactically.”

Q: Best player you’ve ever played against?

Karl: “Oh man. The best player I’ve ever played against has to be Thierry Henry.”

Q: How many goals are you going to score this season?

Karl: “It’s always a bonus for a center back [laughs]. My objective for this year is to score four goals.”

Q: What are you most excited about this season?

Karl: “I think I’m excited about just winning some games and being around my teammates – they’re awesome people.”

Name: Paddy Barrett

From: Waterford, Ireland

Born: July 22, 1993

Q: Who is your celebrity lookalike?

Paddy: “I’ve been told that I look a bit like Tom Hardy, which is a bit of a compliment. I’m not too sure if you know [Marko] Arnautovic from West Ham, but I’ve heard that as well. Both compliments on their behalf.”

Q: Who is the best soccer player of all time?

Paddy: “Best soccer player of all time? My personal favorite is Steven Gerrard, but obviously the best soccer player of all time is Leonel Messi.”

Q: Favorite team you support (other than Indy Eleven)?

Paddy: “My favorite team I support other than Indy Eleven is Liverpool FC.”

Q: What’s your favorite junk food?

Paddy: “Favorite junk food? Graeter’s ice cream.”

Q: Favorite curse word?

Paddy: “Easy. #%!@&#$.”

Q: Who is the best player you’ve played against?

Paddy: “The best player I’ve played against would have to be Axel Witsel.”

Q: What’s one interesting thing about yourself that no one knows?

Paddy: “Hm…I think one thing that nobody really knows about me is that I’m the youngest of 11 kids.”

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

Paddy: “My favorite movie is ‘The Guardian’.”

Q: Favorite pre-game hype song?

Paddy: “Oh! My favorite song to get me hyped before a game would be ‘Focus’ by Life of Dillon.”

Q:What are you most excited about this season?

Paddy: “I’m most excited about playing week in and week out in front of the Indy Eleven supporters. That, and winning the league and championship.”

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