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Dear Indy Eleven Fans...

By Martin Rennie, 04/02/20, 4:30PM EDT


A Letter From Head Coach Martin Rennie

Dear Indy Eleven Fans,

It’s been more than three weeks since we played the opening game of our 2020 USL Championship Season. The excitement we all felt from our 4-2 victory in Memphis seems a lifetime ago.  In our first game of the season, we managed to break three franchise records; first time scoring four goals in a road game, first time the club has won a game after trailing 2-0 and the most goals our team has ever scored in a USL Championship game. These achievements have faded fast in light of what we have all been experiencing since we last played.

I have friends who live in China and South Korea, so I knew about COVID-19 before I ever thought it was heading our way. Isolation and danger in Asia garnered my sympathy, but as is too often the case for me, I was not suitably moved to care about something that seemed so far removed from my reality. COVID-19 has made me realize once again how small the world is and how fragile life can be. It has reminded me that we don’t have control over certain things, including how many days we have to make a positive impact on the people around us. I hope that you and your families are keeping safe and that the forced isolation brings you closer together.

If you follow our team, you will know that our season has been placed on hold and we haven’t been able to play a game or even practice for weeks. In that time, our players have been following individual training plans from home. As a club, we want to be a good example to everyone else in our community and we hope that by following the stay-at-home mandate and social distancing guidelines, we will play our part in slowing down the spread. I hope that all of our fans will also adhere to these measures so that we can unite in this fight together. Just as we know you are with us every time we step on the field, we thank you for standing with us in this vitally important battle.

At some point, we will return to practice and we will return to the field. We know that we have one of the best home field advantages in all of the sport thanks to our loyal and exuberant fans. We can’t wait to represent and entertain you once again. We will be ready for the moment our names are called and we know you will be, too. You, the fans, have always shown us that you care about more than just the result of the game and the love we have experienced inspires us to give you more than we previously knew was possible.

I believe that the 2020 USL Championship season will remind us all how fortunate we are to have one another and how great it is to care for something bigger than ourselves. We know that in one way it is only soccer, but that in another way it is so much more than that. Together, we have connection, friendship and love. Our current isolation has been a great reminder of how good it is to have each other. Let us unite even more than we ever have before so that we can play our part in bringing smiles back to the faces of the people in our community and beyond.

Thank you all once again for the tremendous support you give to us. We look forward to being together soon. In the meantime, please look out for one another, stay safe and remember: Victory is Ours!



Martin Rennie

Head Coach

Indy Eleven

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