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Meet the Front Office: The Interns!

By Admin, 12/06/17, 3:30PM EST


Get to know the Front Office behind Indy Eleven Professional Soccer. Each week we'll share members of the Front Office staff who are responsible for ensuring an exciting gameday experience and supporting the on-field action with sponsorship, marketing, ticket sales, accounting, operations, and merchandise. 

This week we'd like to introduce you to the interns. While the intern staff has been as large as 11 during the Indy Eleven season, during December, our intern family is much smaller, though just as hard-working. We are grateful that these interns have chosen Indy Eleven as the launch pad for their careers. 

Luke Hammons 

Title: Business Development Intern - Luke is responsible for sponsorship activation and advocating on behalf of all Indy Eleven partners. 

School: Indiana University

Major/minor: Sports Communications / Telecommunications 

Graduation date: May 2017

Why Indy Eleven? I remember my first game because it was the first game I was working for the team. We hosted a mascot game at halftime that I helped coordinate and it was a huge (and hilarious) success!  I wanted to intern for Indy Eleven because I wanted to gain valuable experience working with a professional team. I also heard that the people in the front office are one of a kind and I wanted to see for myself. After Indy Eleven, I hope to find a job that I love. I want to make a positive difference that the whole world will notice. 

Lexes Rubio

Title: Accounting Intern - Lexes takes on Indy Eleven's accounting department in compiling financial reports. 

School: University of Indianapolis

Major/minor: Accounting on the CPA track / Business Analytics

Graduation date: May 2018

Why Indy Eleven?  There are many reasons why I chose to intern for Indy Eleven. At the university I attend – University of Indianapolis, I was accepted into their program named the Professional Edge Fellowship, also known as CoLAB. This program connects you with what your major is to potential internships around the city. I had the opportunity to choose from a couple places to interview and I chose Indy Eleven. They had an accounting position open, which fit directly to what I’m studying. But even before I knew that, I was, and of course still am, a fan of Indy Eleven. I played soccer in high school, and coming from a soccer family – it all seemed to make sense. How could I not pick Indy Eleven? I am planning to stay with Indy Eleven until I graduate in May of 2018. After that, I will be starting with Ernst & Young as an Assurance Associate. Auditing is something I am very interested in and am glad to have had an Accounting Internship before starting a full-time position. I am thankful for the experience and growth Indy Eleven has given me.

Salvador Flores

Title: Merchandise Intern - Sal delivers excellent customer service at the Indy Eleven Broad Ripple shop and assists Molly in managing inventory and licensed apparel. 

School: Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis

Major: Sports Management

Graduation Date: December 2017

Why Indy Eleven?  I remember my first game --- It was cold! Indy Eleven played against IU at Carroll Stadium. A friend invited me because she won tickets on Twitter and knew I loved soccer. Indy Eleven won and it was an incredible introduction to professional soccer in Indianapolis. I chose Indy Eleven because I like soccer; it’s my passion. Indy is my city so it's incredible to see a professional soccer team here. I also really liked the people who work at Indy Eleven. When I was a volunteer, I recall the upbeat atmosphere and wanted to be part of that. As a sports management major, interning with Indy Eleven has given me valuable experience to work in professional soccer someday.

Check back in next week to meet more members of the Indy Eleven Front Office. 

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