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Win Tickets to Christmas at the Zoo with Eamon

By Admin, 11/14/17, 4:30PM EST


Eamon Zayed is a regular at the Indianapolis Zoo. After signing with Indy Eleven in 2016, his first trip happened when he was invited to a routine meeting with zoo staff members when he expressed an interest in animal conservation.

Instead of taking an obvious, easy route to the zoo's corporate office, Zayed arrived and insisted on taking the long way. Beyond the Oceans and Deserts, he stopped at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center

That first visit took place shortly after the zoo welcomed baby orangutan Mila to the family. Bred in captivity, Mila is an ambassador for the zoo's role in expanding global conservation efforts.

For Zayed, the lanky and adventurous orangutans brought back memories of Sabah Football Association in Malaysia, where he played prior to 2016 when he made his jump to the U.S. to play for Indy Eleven. Orangutans are endangered and can only be found in the wild in two locations, one of which is Borneo, the very island Zayed called home. 

While Zayed is becoming a familiar face at the Indianapolis Zoo during the summer— he’s attended Zoobilation twice— on Nov. 29, he'll return to experience the festive Christmas at the Zoo for the first time. This time, he wants you to be there. 

Can you recall your first trip to the Indianapolis Zoo? Or maybe you have a great memory from that time you attended Zoobilation? Share it in the form below and you could win tickets to join Eamon Zayed on his upcoming night at the zoo.   

Enter your story here for the chance to win!

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