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Indy Eleven Youth Soccer Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Indy Eleven is proud to bring you a full summer of soccer camps, designed to leave players better than we found them!  Each camp will be similar in design and be organized so players experience the best coaching, as well as the most fun they have ever had playing soccer.  While we have run soccer camps in the past, we have NEVER had these many opportunities to become a part of the Indy Eleven Family!  

Each player that attends a camp will receive, at the very least, an Indy Eleven jersey and a ticket to a home game!  This is designed so that we might begin connecting with a much larger audience and provide the ability to meet our players and have a professional soccer team to rally around. 

Each Camp will offer: 

  • Indy Eleven Shirt.
  • One ticket to home game (additional discounted Single Game ticket price for family).
  • Potential to win a chance to participate in half-time event 
  • High quality training environment.
  • 12:1 player to coach ratio o Professional Player Appearances! (At select locations) 


Below are a few questions answered that might be relatively helpful for you to look through.  We realize that this is not an extensive list but will hopefully give you a better outlook on who we are and what our camps programs are about! 

What makes each camp different?  

All of the day camps will look similar in nature.  The set-up and run through will contain very similar information and interaction between coaches and players.  The only two camps that will differ, will be the FC Pride Camp, June 24-28, and the Indy Eleven Development Camp, July 1-3. 
What if we can’t make the Indy Eleven camp the week my club or community center is hosting?  

We will be running camps all summer long, and as was said above, each camp will look similar in nature, allowing your child to have a very similar, if not the same, experience that every other kid who attends will have. 
How do we know which camp will feature which player?  

We will be working to figure out scheduling as we go for the players.  They will be in the middle of their season, so we want to find the best way to make them available for you and preserve them to perform at the highest of levels!  That being said, we will be sending out pre-camp emails that give more in depth detail about each specific camp as the summer goes on.  This will include which player will be making appearances at which camp. 
What if my child has never played soccer before?

These camps are designed to reach all skill levels and leave players better than they were before they attended the camps.  We want to provide the best quality product on the field for your child and will fill each camp with the fundamentals of being a quality player.  If nothing else, we will leave your child with a hunger to get better and a desire to be an Indy Eleven fan, as well as the tools to continue to grow as players!

What if my child wants to be challenged?

We will be hosting two, and potentially more, elite summer camps that will provide a more advanced curriculum for the higher-level player.  These will be designed as competitive and challenging, week long camps, intended to help progress both players and coaches forward. 
Why are some camps more expensive than others?

Each camp is priced at a competitive rate based on staffing needs, cost per hour and other soccer camps that are running during those times.  We realize that it can be expensive, but with a jersey, ticket and opportunity to interact with players, we believe we will be a great value for all families. 
Any additional questions can be directed towards the Director of Youth Development, Josh Kremers, at, or (630) 988-9748. 

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